view artworks on your wall

View Available Artworks on Your Wall

Quickly and easily try out available paintings on your own walls with the Hoverlay augmented reality app that does the heavy lifting for you . . .


Clicking this button will open my AR Virtual Gallery. If you are on a desktop computer, close the popup box, click on a painting and scan the QR code that's on the screen with your smartphone or tablet camera. After "pinning" the image, use your finger to drag it to the desired position. The artwork is automatically scaled to size and perspective as you move around the room.

You will also notice a "VIEW ON YOUR WALL" link on each painting's "detail" page here on my website. Clicking it will load that specific artwork into the Hoverlay app.

You can take pictures and videos while trying out artworks.

Hoverlay works on any AR capable device. For iOS: iPhone 6s and above (released after Sept 2015), or any iPad 5th generation and above (released March 2017 or later), or iPad Pros. For Android: any phone that supports ARCore.