Large bright contemporary abstract painting street graffiti flowers white pink urban street graffiti expressionism loft Laura Letchinger DRIFT

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DRIFT (2018)
acrylic, graphite on collaged canvases
72″ x 101″ x 1.5″

Diptych: 72″x60″ and 72″x41″. Varying textures from multiple collaged canvases, paint layers and impasto effect in some of the blossoms. Background is matte while blossoms have a satin to gloss sheen for rich colors. The background is white, to varying degrees, due to layers and a translucency that varies. Light spray varnish, sides painted a translucent white. Signed on back and side of each canvas.

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   Oversized contemporary abstract diptych painting; white with pink flowers and an urban, street graffiti edge; loft art